Building the Black Educator Pipeline

Telling the Truth About MLK and Black Education in 2024 (ft. Dr. Greg Carr)

Episode Summary

The Building the Black Educator Pipeline Podcast is BACK! Resident Baba, Dr. Greg Carr joins us to discuss the whitewashing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and what we need to make sure we left behind in 2023 as we continue building the Black educator pipeline.

Episode Notes

Host Shayna Terrell celebrates the birth of the young king Adonis, and returns to her hosting duties on the Black Educator Pipeline Podcast, speaking with returning guest Dr. Greg Carr ahead of MLK day 2024.

The two discuss how the same sanitized, whitewashed stories get told on this holiday every year, as well as discussing how we can best start the new year while fighting for the education and liberation of our Black students. 

What should we be most concerned with in 2024? What do we need to leave behind in 2023 and how do we continue the beautiful struggle and resistance in building a better world? Dr. Carr (Associate Professor of Afro-American Studies at Howard University) helps us answer these questions in the return of BTBEP.