Building the Black Educator Pipeline

Black Nationalism, Education and Activism (ft. Dr. Greg Carr)

Episode Summary

Our resident guest, Dr. Greg Carr, visits BTBEP to discuss Black Nationalism and education activism.

Episode Notes

Dr. Greg Carr, associate professor of Africana Studies and chair of the Department of Afro-American Studies at Howard University rejoins the Building the Black Educator Pipeline Podcast to give us a history lesson on the life and legacy of Martin Delany. Dr. Carr explains why Delany is considered an icon in Black nationalist thought and contrasts him to modern-day activists.

Dr. Carr and host Shayna Terrell discuss the connection to academic work in today's social movements and lay out strategies that ancestors would have used to address the crisis of education and curriculum today. Dr. Carr gives his thoughts on the movement to ban books and exclude topics from the curriculum in schools and the effort to erase parts of our history. 

Shayna and Dr. Carr talk about how we can get students active in engaging with these education bills across the country. They also discuss the NAACP's recent "travel advisory" to Florida, calling the state hostile to Black Americans.